This is it. April the 10th, 2017. Just another Monday. But for me: A big step. Out of the safe harbor of employment, out into the wild, unknown reaches of freelancing. And I really feel a little like a TRAVELLER.

TRAVELLER is, of course, the name of one of the oldest and still finest Science Fiction RPGs, and that I have to tell you this is yet another hint that this website is a nightmare from a communication POV.

You could be a Shadowrun or other RPG fan looking for new artwork from AAS. You could be a craft beer brewer that heard some good stuff about me but didn’t quite expect to see cyberware, machine guns and spaceships on the page of that marketing guy from Berlin. You could be a publisher looking for a new artist and be surprised by Coca-Cola ads and marketing concepts for candy bars. Heck, you could even be a German wondering why this .de website has only texts in English.

Untangling these audiences here will not be possible, so there will (eventually) be separate websites for each product and service I have to offer. It may take a while, but the jump drive is warming up already.

Lichter dimmen. Und Sprung!


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