Award winning

Recently, the book “Datapuls: ADL” for the Shadowrun tabletop RPG won the German Fantasy Award (Deutscher Rollenspielpreis). The book details (and heavily updates) the German setting for Shadowrun, meaning it describes life, politics, crime, regions and megacorporate affairs of the Allied German States (AGS) in the year 2078, in a fictional world where magic meets machine.

As with most Shadowrun books published by the German Shadowrun license holder Pegasus, I did a fair share of the sourcebook’s artwork, plus I delivered the description for the free state of Berlin (being somewhat of the Berlin expert due to, well, living here and being the person behind, the half-official fanblog and extended setting sourcepage for Berlin.

The same book “Datapuls: ADL” also made 2nd place at the recent RPC Award.


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