The first weeks

So originally I planned to write updates on my projects and experiences as a freelancer every week.

That worked really well.

On the one hand, there are, of course, projects I do not have the liberty to brag -errh- talk about. Super secret government work, you know? (No, really, it’s).

Then, to make things a little more interesting, there was also a brain tumor.

Fun stuff.

You should definitely avoid getting one, in case you’re wondering.

And while the tumor was not mine, nor (God forbid) diagnosed in one of my kids, it was found in the head of a close relative, and so I had a little extra on my plate that I didn’t really expect before.

In the end, all turned out well. The orange-sized(!!!) bugger was surgically removed, the brain was not damaged and recovered WOWISHLY well (that word should definitely exist) and INCREDIBLY fast. I am so so very happy and thankful to all the helpful persons involved, especially the doctor that paved the way into the hospital as she suspected that this, indeed, is not your usual case of dementia or “old person behaving funny”.

Amazingly, I also got a pile of work done in the recent two months, ranging from the development of a corporate design and marketing strategy for a political consultation start-up (I can show you more when they have actually started) to the marketing strategy, B2B social media and sales tools for the IT expert leasing and network building company Rising Systems to work on several Shadowrun sourcebooks and another commission artwork.

So far, the ship is on the right path even while being under fire since the launch. Shields are holding, and the great Beyond beckons.

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