The Perfect Present

for nerds, at least: Order a portrait of your friend’s, loved one’s, fellow player’s, or Gamemaster’s fantasy, cyberpunk or Sci-Fi tabletop RPG character. Or get the whole player group to chip in for a group picture to hang over your gaming table. Or give yourself a treat and order one for your own character!

Are you a LARPer or is one of your friends one? Send me a picture and I’ll remove all traces of LARPness, turning foam weapons into glistening steel, removing traces of Latex, glue or that damn car in the background, and add an attacking dragon instead.

Here are just some samples of possible results. Please send me an e-mail to get an overview of prices and possible sizes/variants. Prices start at about 50 € (60 US$) for a greyscale sketch, with a large and detailed color full body artwork ranging at about 300 € (360 US$). Transforming a photo of you into your character is possible for about 75 € (90 US$).

We will find a solution that fits your budget, no worries.

Have yourself a very nerdy X-mas. And happy birthday!

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