Hi, my name is Andreas Alexander Schroth (hence the “AAS”), and I am a freelance artist from Berlin.

Even though I have developed cover artwork, concept art, character designs, texts, world and setting descriptions and even mechanics for several game publishers for over 10 years now, all that happened exclusively in my spare time, whenever I could make room for it. Because I had a full-time job in marketing:

For more than 25 years, I have been working for advertising agencies. First as a copywriter and conceptioner, later as head of concept, art director (text), creative director and once even as the “head of absolutely everything” for the advertising unit of a global agency network. (You can find more details on my LinkedIn page if you like).

I loved and still love the challenge to find the key points to a client’s problem and then develop the most effective strategy to solve it. Also, I loved and still love to develop the narrative of a brand (esp. food and beverage), whether it’s by rediscovering something that was lost along the many iterations of its advertising, by going deep into its history or by forming a compelling story and positioning from scratch.

So, yes, you can still get great marketing strategies, creative concepts and amazingly successful promotion ideas here. Without having to book an entire advertising agency.  I am your head of concept, your copywriter, your graphic designer, your illustrator. When you talk to me, you always talk to your entire team. And if your project requires additional experts, I have a strong network of creatives and other professionals from all over the world.

But if you are just looking for someone to do a cool character design, someone to come up with a new gun for your game or someone to rework all of your James Bond themed wedding pictures so that they look like taken right at the next 007 set, you are more than welcome, too.

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