The only thing that is more important than the quality of the artwork and texts is the idea behind them. That is what I understand as the “concept”.

When I develop visual or written material for games, I don’t just write what I think is “cool”. I take a step back, put on my marketing glasses and focus on what is setting this game, this location or this character or piece of equipment apart from the other items within the game and in regard to other games.

When I think about a POS promotion, I actually use roleplaying techniques: I assume the role of the customer, the one putting together the display, the shop manager, even your own sales team. This way, I get a better understanding of every facet of the situation, from various angles. After all: What good is the best sales display if the stressed clerk has no incentive to put it together?

For me, it is never sufficient to just have a nice creative headline and a good visual.

Almost EVERYTHING can be made to look great in a presentation, but utterly fail at the POS. Because 7 out of 10 buying decisions are formed right there, communication has to be “loud”, easy to understand and to the point.

Ideas That Sell

Developing POS sales promotions is a very satisfying task, because the work is always result-driven and you get a very direct feedback if your idea worked or not.

An average +25% turnover across all Schultheiss POS promotions within the Berlin beverage retail market and an amazing +15% revenue across all of Germany in the Leerdammer “Heart of Gold” loyalty promotion provide solid proof that delivering ideas tailored to the specific target group pays out.


Creative Strategy

The briefing of the client is just the starting point for me. I take a deeper look into the market, ask back if I don’t understand a detail and make suggestions for restructuring your portfolio to get better sales results.



Long before I even started to work in advertising, I was a storyteller. Not only because I was (and am) an avid tabletop roleplaying game player and “game master” (although that certainly helped), but also because I loved to see characters, streets, cities, entire worlds come to life – and to see them developing a life on their own.

Meanwhile, marketing has rediscovered storytelling as the most potent tool to engage audiences and to give a brand a greater emotional value. Storytelling is effective, because we may click on an ad and still be offended by your sales pitch if it is too blunt. We do not want to see ads. But we love to hear a good story.

Everyone loves to be entertained. So let me entertain you and your audience.

Find some of my RPG stories and writing on Shadowrun Berlin, Shadowrun Novapuls (a collaborative work, so not every single article is from me), my old Rabenwelten blog or in my published work.

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